Experienced operators investing in and optimizing small-scale SaaS businesses.


Workhorses, not unicorns.

Tangible results are earned every single day.

We understand perfection is fantasy, imperfection is opportunity and that the only constant in the world is change. We believe successful organizations are those that operate best in a fluid environment.

These views shape Lock 8’s investment strategy and our holistic, hands-on approach to consistently building valuable businesses.


Good businesses are made, not found.

Sound decisions and strong execution create truly lasting value.

Lock 8 Partners makes control investments in small-scale B2B SaaS businesses — and helps enhance operations to achieve their full potential. Our investment thesis focuses on sourcing below-the-radar companies that have solid products and stable businesses, but which have generally under-indexed in their go-to-market efforts. We avoid hyper-competitive bidding situations and seek to build value in investments by deploying a proven and replicable operating model developed over two decades (and counting). We work with owner-operators who are looking for attractive options to achieve liquidity or exit, while finding the right partner to help their businesses scale.

We are neither day-to-day overseers nor once-in-a-quarter directive-givers. We are active collaborators who work with leadership teams to collectively and thoughtfully drive results by applying an operating framework built around the needs of key stakeholders. We reject a one-size-fits-all approach but believe in a core set of disciplines critical to all growing businesses. The Lock 8 operating model enables consistent and scalable success, while embracing the uniqueness of each business, market and situation.

SaaS entrepreneurs, we've walked your path.

We love the journey — and deeply respect those who lead it.

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Large-Scale Uplift.

Lock 8: Unlocking value.

“Lock 8 is the first in a series of Seven Locks that are responsible for large-scale uplifting of the canal.” 1

The C&O Canal was originally conceived in 1825 to transport goods between Washington DC and Pittsburgh. The Canal reached as far as Cumberland, MD -- unfinished and 100 miles short of its planned destination.

More than a century later in 1971, the canal was turned into a national park, and became a haven for hikers, bikers, anglers, and a range of outdoor explorers.

Understated and authentic, Lock 8 serves as an access-point to the C&O and a gateway to countless journeys and adventures.

Just as new purpose and perspective helped transform Lock 8 and the C&O Canal into national treasures, Lock 8 Partners aims to support the journey of each of our companies to fulfill its unique and limitless potential.

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We eagerly welcome information relating to opportunities that meet our investment criteria. For transaction opportunities and general inquiries, please contact:

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