Workhorses, not unicorns.

Because sound decisions and strong execution create truly lasting value.

Lock 8 Partners invests in small-scale Software as a Service (SaaS) companies with rock-solid products

— and helps them operate in ways that maximize their full potential.


Good businesses are made, not found.

Operating results are earned every single day.

Many traditional investors focus their efforts on finding and buying the perfect company. But we aren't traditional investors -- we are operators at our core. We understand perfection is fantasy; imperfection is opportunity, and that the only constant in the world is change. We believe successful organizations are those that operate best in a fluid environment.

These views shape Lock 8's investment strategy and our holistic, hands-on approach to consistently building valuable businesses.

SaaS entrepreneurs, we've walked your path.

We love the journey — and deeply respect those who lead it.

Two decades of leading early stage businesses have taught invaluable lessons in optimizing SaaS companies for profitable growth. We leverage our experience and extensive network to help every company in the Lock 8 family focus its vision, crystallize product-market fit, and align for scale.

We partner with operators of B2B companies with $1M - $5M in annual recurring revenue and proven products that solve meaningful business problems.

Meet Lock 8

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Large Scale Uplift.

Lock 8: Unlocking Value.

The C&O Canal was originally conceived in 1825 to transport goods between Washington DC and Pittsburgh. It made it as far as Cumberland, MD -- unfinished and 100 miles short of its planned destination.

More than a century later in 1971, the canal was turned into a national park, and became a haven for hikers, bikers, anglers, and a range of outdoor explorers.

Understated and authentic, Lock 8 serves as an access-point to the C&O and a gateway to countless journeys and adventures.

Lock 8 is also the first in a series of Seven Locks that are responsible for "large scale uplifting of the canal" (more than 50 feet in a little over a mile).1

Just as new purpose and perspective helped transform Lock 8 and the C&O Canal into national treasures, Lock 8 Partners aims to support the journey of each of our companies to fulfill its unique and limitless potential.

Are we speaking the same language?

Let's talk.

We welcome every opportunity to compare notes, share lessons learned, and explore whether our respective destinations warrant further conversations.